Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Friendly Frye Family!

It just keeps getting better.

By now we've worked out and reported to you that the guys behind Atlantic Credit and Finance, namely the brothers, Richard Woolwine and Kelly Woolwine, are cousins of of John P. Frye, the lawyer who doesn't practice law.

But, we also have to wonder. Is the famous Roanoke area "escort" and "exotic dancer" Chastity Frye part of this big happy family?

Maybe they have some very wild holiday parties! And New Year's Eve is coming up! Did you get YOUR invitation?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Alicia Reedy: Another Harassment Resource

If you are not able to contact Michael Katzen, Alicia Reedy can generally find John P. Frye very quickly-she is his executive assistant and seems to handle his email and so on.

He is usually in his Mechanicsville office, he goes to Roanoke very rarely. He does not go to court, as his whole practice is debt collection for Atlantic Credit and Finance, operated by his cousins, Kelly and Richard Woolwine.

Alicia's number is (540) 527-4003. You will have much better results with her than with the obnoxious "collection agents" or "paralegals" you normally have to talk to. She is civil, and not paid on commission!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

(540) 527-6999 "Law Office JP": Does the Harassment Ever Stop?

Blog commentary: nothing ever changes. John P. Frye and his cousins, Richard and Kelly Woolwine, continue to harass people who have nothing to do with their pennies-on-the-dollar bulk debt purchases. Enough complaints and enough calls to Michael Katzen at (804) 746-3296 will be the end of them!

Frye's caller id is deceptive: "Law Office JP"; this is probably a trick Richard Woolwine learned during Ratline at the Virginia Military Institute. Many people have gone on to great things from VMI. Woolwine ended up in food service ("would you like fries with that"). He and his brother, Kelly (also in food service, despite graduation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute), formed Atlantic Credit and Finance, on of America's most notorious collection agencies, in their basement.


This number (540) 527-6999 has been calling my cell phone for months now leaving rude messages for someone with a different last name than me. I would call them back to tell them they have the wrong number, but I can tell by his tone of voice it will just put me in tears. So I have opted to ignore it since most of the time my cell phone is out of signal range (I live in the woods). Very, very mean sounding person who claims to be calling this person about a debt (which I don't think you're supposed to say in a voice mail).

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Michael Katzen

Michael Katzen is the "other" partner in the Law Office of John P. Frye. However, the real office is not in Roanoke, but Mechanicsville.

The Roanoke office is part of Atlantic Credit & Finance, run by Kelly and Richard Woolwine.

John P. Frye has a phone number in Roanoke, but he has never answered it!

A quick way to get resolution is to call (804) 746-3296 and leave a message for Michael Katzen. He does "real" legal work. John P. Frye skims off the Woolwine's debt collection machine.

However, as lawyers, Frye and Katzen have to follow the rules. If they don't, they lose their law license. Plain and simple.

Let Katzen know you'll be filing a Virginia Bar complaint against him. Enough of them, and away goes his cusy little divorce operation.

People have had good results with Katzen! Just ignore the abusive, commission-only collectors in Roanoke and deal with him directly.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Creation of Axiant

Let’s talk about Wolpoff and Abramson’s merger with another collection agency and gun for hire, Mann-Bracken. Neither of these two companies have a savory reputation in the eyes of many.

So who are these guys and why should we care? First up is Mann-Bracken. From Mann-Bracken’s website:

An effective use of required demand letters, telephone collections strategies, and, when appropriate or by direction, filing a law suit has marked our success. In 2001, we pioneered the use of arbitration in collection matters and have shown clients a principled and efficient means of negotiating with delinquent customers. Protecting our clients’ rights as creditors is central to all our activities.

Mann Bracken employs both predictive and manual dialing campaigns and has state-of-the-art call monitoring and account auditing. MB is licensed to collect in all fifty states and employs a full time compliance team and full time trainer.

Note of course that Mann Bracken is something odd. Victor Johnson, operations manager at Mann Bracken told the press that Doug Mann "took his check and bailed" and that the new boss, Chris Bracken, is a real tyrant. People are afraid of being fired for even knocking on his door!

So basically, if you’ve gotten the automated collections call, it’s probably from Mann-Bracken. In addition, they “pioneered” the use of arbitration, an unsavory practice in which consumers prevail just .2% of the time. The Better Businsess Bureau reports that Mann-Bracken has an unsatisfactory rating due to “numerous unresolved complaints and failure to respond to inquiries”.

Wolpoff and Abramson has an equally unsatisfactory rating with the BBB. W & A just sold a large portfolio of debt to another collections baddie, Palisades Collection. W & A also are no stranger to arbitration and have profited mightily by taking clients through the National Arbitration Forum.

To add insult to injury, Mann-Bracken just completed a merger with GA and Eskanos and Adler Concord, CA. So now we have Wolpoff and Abramson, Mann-Bracken, GA and Eskanos and Adler, a bunch of law firms that are the basis of Axiant!

A Typical Complaint Against The Law Office of John P. Frye

Teresa Hughes - 29 Jul 2008

These people keep calling me about a old credit card debt. They are rude and everytime they call they talk to my husband about this debt and he is not down as a authorized user and didn't have my permission to talk to them about my debt. They wanted us to give them our checking account info so they could withdraw money that we didn't have. We tried to make payment arrangements and asked for the address but they refuse to give us the address to send in the payments.

Caller ID: law office jp
Caller: law office of JP frye
Caller Type: Collection Agency

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do NOT do "Check By Phone"

Paying by check by phone can be convenient, but it can get you into trouble if you are dealing with an unscrupulous or dishonest collection agency.

There have been many complaints. You owe $500, you approve a check by phone for $50. They take the $50, but then take more.

By the time you find out, the money is gone and very hard to get back.

So just say no. If they press you, tell them your bank charges $50 for each one or that your account doesn't support it. They will make noise but they will back down.

And, if you have no choice, make sure you contact your bank IMMEDIATELY. Tell them you have authorized a check by phone for whatever the amount is, but no more. Tell them you will hold them (your bank) responsible if more is taken out.

They will wait for a check or money order. You will also be able to trace the money if they claim they did not get it.

Giving a collection agency permission to do a check by phone is asking to be robbed. Just don't do it!